Two Simple tips to Maximize your Facebook Page News Feed


Lately Facebook has been in the media a lot about data and customer protection, still more and more we’re getting requests to help brands maximize their exposure to their current fan base on Facebook.

So it’s important to educate your fans about the new changes, and ask them to make sure that their following you FIRST in the Newsfeed.

Desktop Request


Mobile Request


 These are very simple but we’ve seen clients Organic reach increase 1.5-3x based on a few posts and email marketing about these simple updates that your fans can do right now to make sure that their seeing your posts in the Facebook Newsfeed.

We love this strategy 😊

Take Advantage Of The New Facebook Algorithms

In spite of recent announcements regarding Facebook algorithm changes and security concerns, your business pages, and social media content can experience tremendous profits right now.

The new modifications in social media ads mean your potential consumers and followers will see more relevant ads, placing you in the front of their news feeds.

There are strategies that may help ease these Facebook transitions, allowing your business to continue in the benefit of a successful social media presence.


Leverage Facebook Advertisements

New algorithm changes have made a positive impact on ad targeting abilities on Facebook. The power to promote content will give you the best advantage when paired with lead generation and website visit ads.

Your potential clients will now receive an advanced filter of relevant ads stemming from the campaigns you launch with the new algorithm processes. Since third-party app settings have launched for all Facebook users, your consumers can feel more confident about certain data that may be collected as well.


Combine Marketing Strategies

Modify your approach towards marketing your brand or services. Focus on the available resources that enable you to deliver the content and message you generally provide to the public.

Instead of separating your social media, email, blog, website, and video marketing strategies, concentrate on one combined strategy.

Drive Traffic to Owned Properties

Create a platform in which you have full control. Reconsider your websites and email lists. Establish your business website as the main designation online. You can remain in control of your content and subscribers in the event of further social media regulation changes occur.

Focus on Quality

Focus on quality over quantity. Maximize the engagement of social media visitors and the ability to reach new consumers. Assess the quality of content that is displayed on your websites, keeping topics positive while offering valuable solutions to readers who are searching keywords and phrases online.

How To Accurately Measure Facebook VR Ad Engagements

The rapidly growing consumer interest in virtual reality makes it critical for forward-thinking marketers to seriously consider the technology today. According to Statista, the year 2018 should see the number of virtual reality users exceed 170 million globally. However, the failure to track VR performance using proper analytics may mean that brands incorporating the technology in their social media marketing campaigns are engaging in a wild goose chase, wasting their effort, time, and budget.

So, if you're using Facebook 360 to give your audience an immersive, interactive VR experience, it's imperative that you assess whether you're achieving your marketing objectives. Here are critical ways and tools you may use to track and evaluate your VR marketing efforts:

Heat Maps

Facebook introduced heat maps to enable creators to track how their 360-degree video content is being viewed. You can use the analytics tool to see the video frames receiving the most user attention. A heat map will show the parts of your proposed solution that are most engaging, helping identify areas that require improvement. With the accurate analysis, your social media marketing team may then dedicate more efforts and content to VR aspects that most users relate to well.

Tracking the Angle of View

The primary objective of deploying 360-degree videos in Facebook marketing is to let users look all around the content. In a VR ad, for example, you want to measure the degrees viewed, and to ascertain where your audience looked. Thankfully, the heat map feature helps track a specific user's scope of vision based on factors such as the angle of elevation or vision. It is possible to use the analysis and create an improved VR experience for your audience.

User Feedback

Do not forget to find out what your audience thinks about the 360-degree videos you publish on Facebook. Engage users and ask them about their favorite experiences with your promotions. You could send them questionnaires via email or SMS and learn more about their likes and dislikes. Feedback collection is a reliable way to measure engagement and gather consumer insights. Based on the feedback, you may create effective VR experiences, accurately target potential buyers, and track return on investment.

Facebook 360-degree videos are an ideal way for advertisers to offer potential customers a more engaging and immersive experience. However, it is imperative to use VR analytics and assess the quality of the user engagement created. Contact us today to learn more about the effective deployment of such social media marketing strategies.