We are proud to have given RTO a chance when they were first starting up and I was blown away by Travis’ knowledge, drive and service. He keeps abreast of digital media, listens to his customers needs and smiles while doing it. He’s a joy to work with and is still a mountain of information and energy. 5 enthusiastic stars.
— Susan W.
My name is Kenny Jordan and I am co-owner of a mid-sized advertising agency in California. We have worked with Travis and his team at RealTime Outsource for a little over 8 years now. We have used them for many different types of advertising campaigns throughout the years and have never been disappointed. Travis is a young leader that takes his business very seriously. There have been many times that I have personally contacted him with industry related questions and he always seems to have the answer. He works diligently to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and has added value to each and every advertising campaign I have worked with him on. I use his team for all my agencies larger advertising campaigns and will continue to use him for many years to come!
— Kenny J.
Travis and his team are professional, reliable, and committed social media content creators that have brand awareness and economic impact for our clients.
— Ray O.
Travis is the most upbeat person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This guy is a social media wizard and a unbelievably talented strategic business development consultant. After working with him on over 10 projects and over 6 figures worth of social media accounts, I have come to trust Travis completely with all of my social media needs. The guy is a rockstar. If you are lucky enough to work with him treat him right and he will blow you away with what he can do.
— Gabe B.
Travis does a great job. He is always easy to get hold of and his staff is very accommodating. His ideas to attract new business are second to none. Just contact him now and wait for your marketing to start working for you.
— Molly M.
Real-Time has been helping my business since 2010. I highly recommend them for any business.
— Chris S.
My name is John Elizondo and I’m the owner of Fresno Photo Booth Company. Our business revolves around generating traffic from online social media platforms, search engines, and retargeting sites. Travis and the RTO team has given us the knowledge and know how to thrive and create substantial amounts of profits using real-time tactics to generate new sales. Our business has grown 300% in the last year. I’m glad we’ve chosen to use this high energy and highly skilled team.
— John E.
Travis Huff is very professional and smart. He basically knows everything about social media and it helps people and their businesses. Great resource. He also has a great attitude, while also being very nice and friendly. He has a great amount of experience and education, but more than that he is just real. Thanks Travis!
— Mark R.
Travis and his team provide great marketing services to professionals and businesses in Fresno and beyond!
— Pedro U.
Real Time was very efficient with the posts and helped us learn how to promote better on social media. The posts were all very professional and on time.
— Laurie D.
Very Reliable and Resourceful. Realtime is the Real Deal!
— Andrew A.
Through his firm, RealTimeOutSource, Travis excels in optimizing and enhancing businesses’ standings in social media. One can no longer depend on email, phone calls, or direct marketing. These days, if your business is not reaching out to customers through social media, it may as well not exist. Let Travis and his team push your business forward.
— Josh K.
Travis is a force to be reckoned with. This guy really knows is stuff in helping businesses succeed online. What’s even better is he is dedicated to helping people really cultivate their skills and improve their own business’s growth.
— Theresa P.
I’ve been working with Travis for a few years now and he has done a great job in helping us manage our Social Media. I would recommend him without reservaton!
— Debbie H.
Travis is truly a social marketing master. He utilizes the power of creative content to build a social community online that is fully captivated and fully engaged. Powerful marketing and great to work with.
— Lori B.
Travis and I were colleagues at Fresno State in the Advertising and Marketing programs. His initiative and entrepreneurial spirit stood out from the entire graduating class.

I’ve worked on several of Travis’ projects since then. He is a pleasure to work with, and has an ambition about him that is contagious. His knowledge of social media marketing is robust, and would be an asset to any company.

I hope to continue to work with Travis, and benefit from his knowledge and expertise in the world of business and marketing.
— Ryan J.
Travis is highly professional and has brought a level of excellence to the social media landscape in this region that is unmatched. He consistently delivers high quality, affordable social programs and is quickly becoming recognized as a leader in his field.
— Cynthia F.
Outsourcing is now one of the most cost effective and results focused ways to build your business. It is apparent through their site offerings that Real-Time Outsource offers this winning combination with social media marketing. Additionally, the CEO, Travis Huff adds personable and cutting edge to the brand, which is what every business needs.
— Starr H.
Travis is a true testament to hard work and vision. He not only tirelessly works at promoting his clients, but the world of social media as well.
— William P.
Travis is the innovator and forward-thinking entrepreneur Fresno needs. His expertise and extensive knowledge of social media are changing the way local businesses operate and market themselves throughout the Central Valley.

Him and his colleagues will work hard to execute strategic plans that grow your business in today’s most lucrative and relevant markets. Suffice it to say he’s not only experiencing grand success with his building of Real-Time Outsource, but his clients are as well. It’s been a real privilege to talk business with Travis - he was always available, personable, and most importantly honest.

It’s also guaranteed you’ll share a laugh with Travis. To him, doing business is not only serious business, but always fun - the way it’s ought to be.
— Lee L
Travis is a Social Media expert! He completely understands the powerful vehicles that are social media and how they can help companies cost effectively reach their target audience. If your brand is in need of a Social Media expert Travis is your go to guy!
— Derek G.
Realtime combines unique capabilities to evaluate, address and offer outstanding marketing solutions in the social media environment with a very attentive and innovative approach. He has a sharp eye on the industry trends and knows what is up and coming.
— Alex L.
I’m impressed with such innovation, outside-the-box creativity and effectiveness. Way to go for being a true linchpin!
— Andrew J.
Travis has the in-depth knowledge needed to leverage the power of social media marketing. Through his company, Real-Time Outsource, he provides unbeatable social media management and optimization services that are essential to any growing business.

Travis’s services are especially important in the current economy. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any business that would like to generate quality leads through the major social networks.
— Glenn R.
Being in advertising sales, I have several clients ask me on a daily basis what they can do to keep up with the times. Along with TV, I always recommend Travis and his company Real-Time OutSource. Not only is he an ABSOLUTE EXPERT in Social Media, but he has a great work ethic, and he isn’t greedy when it comes to pricing!

I strongly believe in helping my clients build their business at a price that will allow them to get a return on their investment, and Real-Time OutSource is a good honest way to achieve that goal.
— Sophia F.
Travis Huff and his team are responsible for showing us the great power in social networking. It was his company that said that “Facebook was the way to go for viral marketing”. Today we have over a thousand Facebook fans!! Travis is on the cutting edge when it comes to social media/ social marketing. I would recommend him again and again. Travis, thank you for showing us the way!!
— Rob J.