The concept of RealTime Outsource all started with one man—Travis Huff—and one single idea.

Almost a decade ago, Travis was just a young college grad working in the television advertising sector.

After several years in, he began to notice something:

There was a steady, rapid decline in traditional advertising.

Television commercials were becoming less effective. Consumers were utilizing more on-demand media and digital recording technology, allowing them to now fast forward through commercial programming.  It was a colossal paradigm shift. People were now going online for information rather than relying on the phone book. Satellite radio was becoming more popular and print advertising was becoming less effective.

Although many individuals and companies were familiar with social media, they failed to recognize it as an effective marketing tool for the new millennium. (Now, here’s where the big idea came in).

Throughout all of these changes—social media networking was booming !

Early on, popular social networking sites like MySpace had already paved the way for leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

It was around this time when Travis had an epiphany:

Social media networking could be leveraged by different brands in order to get a different response than traditional advertising generated!

Using gut instincts combined with a seasoned background in marketing and advertising, Travis jumped at the opportunity to see what he could do with social media to leverage the playing field for the companies he currently worked for.

Over time, he mastered an effective social media strategy designed to create a vital difference in production and awareness for various brands with outstanding results (ROI).

In fact, the results were so good that his services were now in high demand. The need for companies with traditional business or agency models to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies were hungry for a fresh, new, innovative approach to jumpstart fading ad revenues previously using only traditional marketing channels... 

Today, Travis Huff is the founder and CEO of

His objective is to “share the wealth” of social media marketing using a horizontal business model of strategic white label partnerships.

Real Time Outsource’s motto is simple: your success is our success.

Travis and his team work around the clock to prove to you what a powerful impact social media marketing and optimization can have on your business!

Ready to move forward? Contact us today to set up a strategic chat on how we can get your brand delivering results leveraging social media marketing.


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