3 Strategies to Optimizing your Facebook Advertising Budget


When starting to grow your business or brand's social media presence, it can be hard to determine how much to spend on advertising to strengthen your reach without wasting precious profit. It seems as though these days the question of how much to spend has various answers depending on who you ask. Some who answer have very definite numbers on how much to spend and preach their statistics as Facebook advertisement gospel. The truth is, however, there is no 'one size fits all' answer to how much you should spend and an understanding of your specific strategy and goals are an essential first step in determining how to wisely purchase Facebook ads. Below, we'll take a look at a few basic ideas on what you should spend on advertising on Facebook to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

The Dollar A Day Strategy

The minimum amount you spend on advertising with Facebook, a dollar a day, isn't a bad way to start your campaign if you are a small business. This method allows you to focus on experimentation with your ads, find out who's engaging, and who you should be marketing too without spending your whole budget on one ad. This low cost form of advertisement is also a great way for potential clients and customers to see your content and keep you active on social media while retaining profit. To boil this method down to numbers, spending a dollar a day will get your brand or business in front of 4,000 users. If your competition isn't doing this as well, you've already achieved far more awareness. 

The Dollar for Every One Hundred Visitors Strategy

This strategy is one that is often repeated throughout the world of Facebook marketing 'experts'. The numbers change. Sometimes its five dollars for every fifty visitors to your website, others it's the standard dollar for every one hundred. Though it may seem subjective at first, there is logic to this type of strategy. Facebook, like many social media platforms, is a re-marketing engine. What this means is that Facebook directly targets ads to those who have shown an interest in the subject matter. So, depending on how well your other marketing tactics, such as Adword and SEO and the like, are doing, Facebook will serve to amplify that. Spending so much for every so many visitors to your web page allows Facebook to re-market your content to those who have been determined to be interested, meaning you are much more likely to draw a profit. 

There is no Cookie Cutter Method!

As I mentioned above, the simple fact is, to enhance your Facebook advertising effectively there is no straightforward, one and done, strategy. Though this may be frustrating, it is important to remember just how detrimental to your business advertising with Facebook can be. Even taking the dollar a day strategy into consideration, you are putting your content in front of far more people than you ever could with other media, and if done correctly those who are seeing your ads are already vying for your products. By determining the best way for your business to advertise with Facebook through market study and strategy with a professional you can greatly enhance your profit without the stress of doing it all on your own.

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Take Advantage Of The New Facebook Algorithms

In spite of recent announcements regarding Facebook algorithm changes and security concerns, your business pages, and social media content can experience tremendous profits right now.

The new modifications in social media ads mean your potential consumers and followers will see more relevant ads, placing you in the front of their news feeds.

There are strategies that may help ease these Facebook transitions, allowing your business to continue in the benefit of a successful social media presence.


Leverage Facebook Advertisements

New algorithm changes have made a positive impact on ad targeting abilities on Facebook. The power to promote content will give you the best advantage when paired with lead generation and website visit ads.

Your potential clients will now receive an advanced filter of relevant ads stemming from the campaigns you launch with the new algorithm processes. Since third-party app settings have launched for all Facebook users, your consumers can feel more confident about certain data that may be collected as well.


Combine Marketing Strategies

Modify your approach towards marketing your brand or services. Focus on the available resources that enable you to deliver the content and message you generally provide to the public.

Instead of separating your social media, email, blog, website, and video marketing strategies, concentrate on one combined strategy.

Drive Traffic to Owned Properties

Create a platform in which you have full control. Reconsider your websites and email lists. Establish your business website as the main designation online. You can remain in control of your content and subscribers in the event of further social media regulation changes occur.

Focus on Quality

Focus on quality over quantity. Maximize the engagement of social media visitors and the ability to reach new consumers. Assess the quality of content that is displayed on your websites, keeping topics positive while offering valuable solutions to readers who are searching keywords and phrases online.