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Your New Customer-Segmentation Challenge Is Gen Z


Digital strategies are many and diverse, but fundamentals remain fundamentals. Few fundamentals are most perennially relevant than audience. Who is the audience, what appeals to them, what motivates them?

These are questions that market researchers have been posing about Gen Z, those individuals born after 1996 and now some 25-30 percent of the U.S. (and international) population. In America, by 2020, Gen Z is expected to be 40 percent of consumers.

Significant surveys have been done, such as A Generation without Borders, by OC&C Consultants, which analyzes responses of some 15,500 respondents in nine countries. Other surveys confirm their chief findings.

For digital marketing, a prime consideration is how Gen Z connects to the internet. There is a one-word answer, "mobile." Indeed, an alternate moniker for Gen Z is "iGen." It is called the first generation overwhelmingly connecting on mobile devices.

Not only that, they grew up "online" and have been described as "born cyber" and "born in the [cyber] cloud."

They know and expect a sophisticated online experience. That means websites adapted to respond to different types of user devices by rapidly and fully adjusting photo size, scrolling, text size, video. The right software can do that. It isn't rocket science, but you need it.

Some things are well known about sites that attract Gen Z (apart from strictly content). They want text brief and to the point. They want high-impact visuals. They were born and bred on videos--action. As native citizens of the web, they have developed immunity to hype, regimentation, and fluff.

The survey and analysis mentioned above were detailed, but a few things stand out (and tend to be confirmed elsewhere):

·  Gen Zers are heavily influenced by celebrities and social media peers. They seem to want to hear directly from someone, a "tip-off," not the sales pitch. "Peer-to-peer, social selling models are more powerful for this digital generation and are an increasingly important component of a brand's business model."

·  A top finding, rather specific, was that Gen Z demands that clothing be stylish and unique. They are allergic to standardization and yearn to feel individual, unique. "Technology should allow the consumer maximum product personalization and customization, to facilitate engagement with major brands while still expressing individuality."

·  They have a take on "social justice" tied up with their view of corporations, corporate ethics, and products. More than previous generations, they reportedly have taken seriously the endless rhetoric about corporate citizenship. "Businesses should take note of their increased consciousness and ethical standards, both when supplying products and services…"

There is much more, and these are by way of illustration, but they are points made repeatedly about Gen Z and exerting a strong influence on digital marketing.         

          Of course, few companies and brands can afford to target a single generation, so decisions remain: Where to direct marketing efforts specifically at Gen Z? For example, they certainly do not dominate Facebook but are heavily into Instagram. And a relatively very small percentage of Gen Z discovers brands while out shopping. It is all about digital and social media.

At Real-Time Outsource, we are driven to understand and optimize how social networking must continue to transform advertising, marketing, customer relations, and much more. It is a focus relevant for all segments of customers, but almost a definition of Gen Z's style of engagement with brands.

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Social Media News: Is MeWe Poised To Be The Next Big Arena?

There has been a lot of upheaval in the world of social media over the past handful of months. First Google Plus announced they were officially ending support for the platform, then Tumblr tried to one-up them by saying they were going to crack down on explicit content. Facebook is, as always, mired in controversy over mining user data, and allowing toxic groups to flourish on their platform.

With all of this going on, lots of people are looking for other ways to get their social media fix. And one website that's drawn a lot of folks is the relative newcomer MeWe.

What Is MeWe?

The short version is that MeWe is a platform whose look and function is similar to Facebook, in as much as it allows you to make a profile, find friends, put stuff on your wall, message people, and join interest groups. However, while the interface might look messier and less polished than what folks are used to seeing on Facebook, there is something notable by its absence; ads.

MeWe's major selling point, as a platform, is that it allows users to do all the things they're used to on a platform like Facebook, but it doesn't try to mine their information, or upsell them with random ads. While it isn't as popular or established as some sites, it is gaining steam and picking up a lot of users... especially users who found their platform of choice was no longer available when Google Plus went the way of the dodo.

A New Frontier?

While MeWe is not as open to businesses as Facebook is in terms of advertising, it is a fresh ground for those looking for a place to put their content marketing skills to use. And with a steadily growing population of users, the site is only drawing more attention. Whether it will ever be as big and successful as Facebook and Twitter remains to be seen, but it certainly represents a market that a lot of businesses would do well to start tapping.

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Let a Social Media Management Firm Boost Your Company's Online Presence

Lets get REAL about your social!

Lets get REAL about your social!

Let's face it. As an entrepreneur, you're pulled in numerous directions, and it is not always easy to manage your company's social media presence. It is for this reason that you should hire a qualified social media manager to fulfill those duties for you. Social media managers are responsible for setting up your social media accounts, responding to comments, posting announcements of your company's latest happenings, and hosting giveaways. Here is more information on hiring a social media manager.


Don't Expect Immediate Results


You should keep in mind that when you hire a social media manager, don't expect quick results. Your social media manager will create a feasible plan but it takes time to improve your company's presence on social media. You can talk with the manager to suggest specific strategies for targeting your customers better, but trust that he knows what he's doing.


Ask How The Process Works


It is also okay to ask the social media manager about how the process works for managing your accounts and analytics to track your campaign's success. A good manager will be transparent about the strategy he will use, and he will periodically check in with you to give updates on the campaign. Make sure the manager understands your brand's mission and target customer base before you hire him.


Key Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Manager


One benefit of hiring a social media manager is that you'll always have someone who can monitor your website's metrics and other tracking tools to figure out what works and what doesn't work for your company. It also saves you time and money. You'll be able to find an affordable social media manager who might even offer discounts for their services. It also puts you at an advantage over other businesses without a strong social media strategy.


Your Website Traffic Gets a Boost


Another good thing about hiring a social media manager is that it increases traffic to your website. For example, if you host giveaways on your Facebook page, the winners would be directed to your website and they might become subscribers to your email list. If your manager utilizes automation tools for your blog posts, this ensures a steady following on your social media accounts.


In conclusion, you can have a stronger social media presence by hiring a social media manager.


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Have You Considered These Latest Social Media Strategies?

How often do you engage on social?

How often do you engage on social?

Social media marketing trends change frequently, and it is no different this year. In order to get the most out of your social media strategy, you must be aware of the latest tools and services that can help you. This is not to say that you need to follow every social media trend that exists. You can tailor those trends to your business needs and goals. In addition, not every strategy will work for your target customer base. Here are some of the best social media strategies for 2019.


Do More Live Streaming


This is a strategy that you should use as often as possible. Live streaming allows you to engage your audience in a more direct and personal way, and this is an element that was missing from traditional TV broadcasting. With live streaming, you can read and answer questions right away. This creates an educational yet still intimate atmosphere with your audience. Live streaming is great for webinars, online courses, or Q&A sessions. Live streaming allows you to reach more diverse niche audiences. This strategy is also affordable and it is not too time-consuming,


Partnerships with Influencers


In the past, you would reach out to major advertisers but you had to jump through a lot of hoops to work with them. That's no longer the case in 2019 thanks to partnerships with social media influencers. The good news is that influencers don't have to be celebrities or well-known bloggers. In fact, you can partner with micro-influencers to get the word out. Micro-influencers are those who have smaller social media followings but who are still doing well enough to attract sponsors.


In conclusion, social media marketing is here to stay. The key is to devise a strategy that will work the best for you. This comes with experimentation and even some failures. But in the end, you'll have a solid plan that attracts new customers.


No More Occasional Engagement


As a business owner, you want to constantly engage your audience without being spammy. You should post diverse types of content on a regular basis, and respond to emails as quickly as possible. Use social media automation tools to schedule your content for certain days of the week. You can hire a social media manager to complete these tasks to make things easier.

In conclusion, social media marketing is here to stay. The key is to devise a strategy that will work the best for you. This comes with experimentation and even some failures. But in the end, you'll have a solid plan that attracts new customers.

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Four Straightforward Strategies to Win at Social in 2019


Four Straightforward Strategies to Win at Social in 2019


Have you evaluated your marketing strategies for social media in 2019? If not, you are not alone. The fact is that 2018 was a hectic year, especially with all the issues swirling around Facebook. Regardless, some brands took bold steps, launching socially conscious and sometimes controversial campaigns.  

Regardless, it is time to update your strategies for social media, incorporating the latest trends. In this article, we are reviewing the top trends and shifts based on our internal data and insights.

1. Increase Audio and Video Content - Generally speaking, online users are spending dramatically more time watching videos and listening to podcasts than engaging with written content. Of course, this trend is impacting different industries and markets at different levels. Nevertheless, audio and video are dominating social media. 

2. Begin Marketing in the Now - Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms are rewarding brands that live-stream with increased organic reach. The big trend marketers have known about for years is being seen as authentic. Live video is a way to highlight the people behind your brand, becoming more authentic and personal.

3. Become Responsive - Consumers and potential customers have an expectation that they can reach out to brand on social media. As a result, they will go visit a social channel to ask questions before a website or dialing a phone number. It is critical to check your Facebook Inbox and Twitter Direct Messages regularly and respond in a timely manner.

4. Evaluate Your Data - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social platforms are providing a treasure trove of data to measure your impact and success. Take the time to look closely and analyze your data. You will discover which posts attract the most views and engagement, new followers, and website visitors.

Strategies for social media in 2019 must line up with your overall marketing strategy and also be measured against your overall business performance. That said, effective utilizing social media is necessary for long-term success and attracting new customers.

What haven't we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like more strategies for social media in 2019, or to discuss a related topic, please contact us.


3 Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing Your Social Media Platform


If you're a business, then you already know that getting onto social media is one of the smartest things you can do. It gives you the potential to reach millions of eyes, it takes a relatively small amount of time, and best of all it's free! With that said, though, it's important to ask which social media site (or sites, if you have the time and energy to build up multiple platforms) is right for you?

Unfortunately there is no one, right answer to that question. But there are some questions you can ask to narrow the field, and to figure out which platform is best for you, and your business.

Question #1: Who Is Your Target Audience?

The first thing you need to ask is who is your target audience, and where are you most likely to reach them?

As a for instance, say you are primarily marketing yourself to other businesses, or to professionals. The best platform to reach the people who will be interested in picking up what you're laying down is likely LinkedIn, even if other social media websites may be more popular, or larger in scope. As WP Curve points out, if you only have the resources to build up a single social media platform then it's better to focus on your sights in a place where you'll get more engagement, even if it is from a smaller population.

Question #2: What Kind of Content Will You Be Sharing?

While you can share all kinds of content on all kinds of social media sites, the sort of content you'll be sharing most will affect your chances of success.

For example, is your business very visual? If you're going to be primarily sharing pictures, then you might find more success on Instagram or Pinterest than you would on Facebook, even though Facebook will let you post images as surely as anything else. On the other hand, if you're going to be making videos then it's important to ask if YouTube or Vimeo will serve you better, even though such sites may not be strictly considered social media by some people's definition. The purpose of the site you're on, and how well that meshes with your goals and what you'll be providing can make a huge difference, as Vertical Response tells us.

Question #3: Which Is Most Visible?

While it might seem like it contradicts the first question, it is important to consider the sheer size and connectivity of the social media site you're planning on using, in addition to the interaction you can get from it, according to Medium.

As an example, compare MeWe with Facebook. Both of these sites allow you to join themed groups, post content, and to reach other users organically. However, Facebook is by far the larger of these two options, with bigger tools, more groups, and additional options. While MeWe may still provide you with engagement, and allow you to reach people who are interested in the products or services you're providing, it simply can't compete with Facebook in terms of ROI. Additionally, because of Facebook's sheer size and track record, it's a website that everyone knows about. While it's possible some folks may be aware of MeWe (largely due to Google + shutting down and the groups there looking for a new home to migrate to), it simply isn't going to be as well known.

Sometimes it's a good example to join the social media sites that are the most popular, precisely because they're the ones everyone knows and uses. That means they'll be the first places someone goes looking for your page. For more information on finding the right social media platform for you and your business, simply contact us today!


Understanding Influencer Marketing and Using it to Your Advantage


Many people think that the term "influencer" only applies to people who are really popular, like celebrities. Sure, actors and models might be influencers but there are a number of other influencers out there in different fields. There are bloggers who have large followings, Instapoets who have garnered up to 2.5 million followers and people who have managed to connect with others on the internet on the basis of shared interests. There are people who post about fashion, beauty, parenthood, fitness, interior decoration, art and many other topics.

Influencers Post Written and Visual Data

The influencer's posts might be written; this is usually the case with bloggers. Or the influencer may just put photographs on Instagram or other social media sites. Usually, influencers use a combination of written and visual data. Think about the people you follow on social media or the internet and you'll find that this is true for most of them.

Finding an Influencer You Can Work With

So how do you find an influencer whom you can work with in your business? The first step is to discover these influencers, which can be done with a simple internet search. When you find someone who has a significant number of followers, take a look at their posts. Make sure that this person is posting something that you agree with. For example, if you're selling prints of classical artwork, there's no point in working with a blogger who only likes modern art. So you can't really skip this step. You have to thoroughly understand that influencer's point of view before you approach them.

Approaching and Working with an Influencer

When you approach them, you can do so in various ways. You can ask them to blog for you. Or you can ask them to review your products for their blog. For the first option, of course, you can offer to pay them. But it's not a good idea to pay anyone to review your products on their blog. You can send them the products free of charge and it should be up to them to review them as they see fit.

So start with one or two products and see if the influencer seems to recommend them. If so, then you can develop a relationship with that influencer and send them all your new products in the future.

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Twitter Is a Prime Platform for Business in 2019


As one of the biggest social media platforms worldwide, Twitter is a remarkable tool to use for anyone looking to market their business to a target audience. Considering the highest percentage of consumers also make up a big portion of the 336 million monthly active users, your Twitter profile may be well worth building. While a successful profile is more than having a memorable handle and a clean, cohesive branding (although, these elements are rather important), the following tips can help make Twitter an optimal marketing channel for your business.


Land more sales.

It's never been so easy to find exactly what your customers are looking for. Twitter is the place your patrons go to express their desires in a few key phrases, followed by a hashtag, or two. This is gold for any commerce that has the product or solution to save the day. Consider the common phrases and keywords your target market may tweet and reuse them to get in on the trending conversation.


Track your success.

Tracking is one of the many resourceful benefits of Twitter, when utilized efficiently. Twitter is full of useful data that can skyrocket your success by simply placing trackable links in valuable places. Suggestions can be your calls-to-action, promotional, or sharable content tweets. Get some customer validations by asking some beta testing questions. Know exactly which tweets and timeframes your followers engage with the most.


Engaging is key.

Twitter can seem difficult to establish at first but one thing to keep in mind is tweet, and then tweet some more. Engage with your audience or expect to fall off the radar. Slowly let them leak throughout the day to keep your viewers' interest. However, a good rule to follow is avoid tweeting a bunch of tweets all at one time. You may consider using a scheduling systemto maintain consistency, so your following knows when to expect you.


Twitter is a prime platform in social media to engage with your following, increase your reach, and share your message or product with the world. Whenever your potential customers are on social media, so are we. Let our team of experts work hard for you!  

Four Instagram Tips For Social Success in 2019


Social business is changing the world, and your business should be a part of it. With a number of platforms to choose from, it's hard to determine which is best to spread your message, sell your product, or showcase your talent. No matter what industry you belong to, Instagram is changing the way businesses communicate with their audience. The following are a few tips to keep in mind when using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy.

Behold, the power of a collective group. 

In a recent interview about Instagram, co-founder Kevin Systrom tells TIME, "The next decade, at least on Instagram, will be the decade where we realize the power of a collective group of people capturing the world in real time through their phones". This realization is powerful for businesses to consider. Imagine a campaign that creates a collective group of people through use of specialized hashtags, trending challenges or photo contests. Let your message speak for itself through the power of your collective group. 

Three C's to keep to keep your brand cohesive:  

·  Consistent – Time and aesthetics are a major factor of success when it comes to posting on Instagram, and being consistent in these areas is vital to building a strong following. Use analytics to determine the best posting times, and create a uniformed look with your content.

·  Creative – Instagram has several routes, on one platform, to creatively get information to your market. Reveal highlights leaked in stories, maintain engagement with advertising, or gain more followers organically with live streaming.

·  Content – The only way Instagram works is if you keep putting out content. Plan your content in advance and use scheduling apps to post for you. Your goal is to keep your followers' interest by maintaining a consistency of output.

Let influencers tell your story.

The spread of influencer marketing should come at no surprise, with results doubling after just a year. Consumers are done being sold to, and influencers show viewers how your brand stands out amongst competition, rather than selling to them. Influencers already have wide reach and following that trusts them. There are several tools available to help find the right personality for your business. 

Still not sure Instagram is the right fit for your business strategy? Contact us and our team of seasoned specialists will help create effective content.


3 Social Media Trends Taking Over 2019


At this point, it may seem as if it's all been done before when it comes to marketing strategy and ways to stay ahead of the game. Truth is, this is an incredible time to be in business because marketing has reached a whole new level with the advances taking place in social media. The following are a few social media trends guaranteed to dominate in 2019.


Video kills the television ad.

Video consumption will undoubtedly increase in the coming year, surpassing the reach of ads seen on TV. Staying on top of this trend goes beyond the simple understanding that you need to turn your phone horizontal while taking videos for proper format on most mobile devices. Video streaming lends you a sure chance to gain customer approval by becoming more transparent, engaging through compelling storytelling. Keep in mind, the average attention span on social media is decreasing, so it's imperative you use the first few seconds wisely, reeling viewers in with a hook, line, and sink.


Personalization offers relative content.

Personalization is a marketing strategy that collects audience analysis and data to customize the information users see based on interest, demographics, and features such as buyer history. A users experience is enhanced when they are being fed content relevant to their personal wants and needs. Personalization is a perfect filter to ensure your target audience is being reached and your message is properly communicated. No matter your industry, personalization is a trend that must be part of your marketing strategy in 2019.


Chatbots are your friend.

 Human-to-human contact will always rule over robots, but Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence that any modern marketer should be using to leverage their business. Chatbots are a program designed to send and receive messages in form of text with the ability to offer more one-on-one interaction with customers than human interactions. Chatbots offer 24/7 customer service appealing to both brands and consumers, with information instantaneously becoming user accessible. With the expansion of customer engagement, Chatbots become an essential social media tool being used in 2019.


The final year of the decade is here and if you're not incorporating social media into your marketing campaign, you're already way behind. These trends are only a few of many that can make your business the topic of conversation in 2019. Be sure to contact us to get started.