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3 Ways to Maximize Your Business’s Social Media Potential


In this day and age of social media, the new generation of consumer craves a real connection with the companies they are potentially looking to give their business too. They do not want automated cookie cutter responses. In a world of riddled with monotony, we as businesses must make it a point to craft these genuine relationships with our customers. In this article we will be going over three ways in which we able to create this in our own company.


1.      Using Humor on Your Social Media Accounts

a.      Many businesses have begun to use humor in their discussions with customers, they will make jokes on their twitter about people who may be bad mouthing the company, they will make jokes about current events that may be happening, poke fun at competitors. It’s a simple way to gain popularity and increase your following on social media.

2.      Making It a Point to Provide Customer Service Above Their Expectations

a.      Give your customer that moment of magic, that moment they will tell all their friends and family about, the moment that your company went above and beyond for them. The way we can do this through our social media channels is by replying to complaints, in a timely manner, and ensuring that our customers problems are completely resolved, do something out of the ordinary for them, at companies like Zappos, they are allowed to send customers flowers at any time, on the company’s payroll. Actions like this create memorable experiences for consumers and develop long lasting relationships, that will be heard about through word of mouth.

3.      Support Causes and Movements That Your Company Believes In

a.      This new generation of consumers wants to see the brands they purchase from take a stance on issues, whether that be in politics, sports, or music. They want the companies they buy from to have a strong moral compass, they want them to be ethical, and help to fight against the things which they believe are unjust. Your company could also support a cause such as Breast Cancer Awareness, or Mental Health Awareness, celebrating months such Black History Month, or LGBTQ. This will make customers feel proud to buy from a company that does more than just sell to people, they want a company that helps to uplift communities, and create awareness on the social issues that plague our present-day society.


Have You Considered These Latest Social Media Strategies?

How often do you engage on social?

How often do you engage on social?

Social media marketing trends change frequently, and it is no different this year. In order to get the most out of your social media strategy, you must be aware of the latest tools and services that can help you. This is not to say that you need to follow every social media trend that exists. You can tailor those trends to your business needs and goals. In addition, not every strategy will work for your target customer base. Here are some of the best social media strategies for 2019.


Do More Live Streaming


This is a strategy that you should use as often as possible. Live streaming allows you to engage your audience in a more direct and personal way, and this is an element that was missing from traditional TV broadcasting. With live streaming, you can read and answer questions right away. This creates an educational yet still intimate atmosphere with your audience. Live streaming is great for webinars, online courses, or Q&A sessions. Live streaming allows you to reach more diverse niche audiences. This strategy is also affordable and it is not too time-consuming,


Partnerships with Influencers


In the past, you would reach out to major advertisers but you had to jump through a lot of hoops to work with them. That's no longer the case in 2019 thanks to partnerships with social media influencers. The good news is that influencers don't have to be celebrities or well-known bloggers. In fact, you can partner with micro-influencers to get the word out. Micro-influencers are those who have smaller social media followings but who are still doing well enough to attract sponsors.


In conclusion, social media marketing is here to stay. The key is to devise a strategy that will work the best for you. This comes with experimentation and even some failures. But in the end, you'll have a solid plan that attracts new customers.


No More Occasional Engagement


As a business owner, you want to constantly engage your audience without being spammy. You should post diverse types of content on a regular basis, and respond to emails as quickly as possible. Use social media automation tools to schedule your content for certain days of the week. You can hire a social media manager to complete these tasks to make things easier.

In conclusion, social media marketing is here to stay. The key is to devise a strategy that will work the best for you. This comes with experimentation and even some failures. But in the end, you'll have a solid plan that attracts new customers.

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