What you Should be Posting on Your Social Media to Engage Your Audience


Learning to Level the Social Media Playing Field

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner diligently working social media to increase your sales but still aren't reaching the numbers you'd like? Do you find yourself growing frustrated when you run across another business your size or smaller who seem to be thriving on social media while you're elated anytime a like appears on your posts? In times like these it can be tempting to shutter your digital windows and stick to the real world for your business. However, not only can social media save you money in advertising but can bring far more customers to your door, online and off, than its physical equivalent. Recent statistics find that eighty two percent of small businesses are using social media to promote themselves.

This means that more than likely your competitors are already online and drawing your potential customers away with their advertising. The unfortunate truth is social media isn't a level playing field. However, having a basic understanding of what to post can greatly aid in driving engagement, increase the likelihood of promotion of your posts through social media algorithms, and ultimately elevate your business and profits to the next level. Getting started and growing your reach on social media is easier than it seems at first. Below, we'll take a look at a few different strategies and tactics on what to post so that you can level the social media playing field!

Educational, Entertaining, and Inspirational Posts make Social Media Algorithms Work for You

Believe it or not, not every post you make online should be an advertisement for your business. In fact, constantly promoting what you are offering customers can not only lower their interest but inhibit how many of your posts are seen. Posting entertaining, inspirational, or educational content provides people the opportunity to engage with your business online without feeling the pressures of being sold to.

Many social media outlets run algorithms that promote posts people seem to enjoy. By posting content to connect with your potential customers without pitching them your product or opportunity, you not only develop relationships that can aid your business in the future but are more likely to acquire engagement. This engagement translates to further shares of future content including advertisements.

Photos and Videos Enhance Your Posts and Drive Their Promotion on Social Media

Scrolling your social media of choice, you begin to understand how boring text only posts can be. On various platforms text only posts are hidden under those with photos or video and may be a detractor to potential customers. Posting a photo or video, alone or with further content, is not only a unique opportunity to engage clients on a sensory level, but maximizes your reach, and ultimately your profits as well.

Including Links Can Actually Decrease Your Reach and Lower Your Visibility

Understanding the way certain algorithms function within social media is the beginning of understanding what to post. Though it may seem contradictory at first, posting direct links to your business page actually lowers your visibility. This is due to those pesky algorithms. Social media sites, just like any other online business want their users to stay on their sites for as long as possible, meaning anything that may take users away will be more obscurely promoted.

So how do you get people to visit your page from social media? A more beneficial way may be asking those engaging with your posts to comment or message you for the link. This not only encourages post interaction, resulting in further promotion, but also allows for a one on one interaction between you and your potential customer.

Posts That Encourage Curiosity Are a Way of Increasing Interest and Engagement

When people go to search engines like YouTube or Google, the sense of curiosity is already there. However, when offering social media users our opportunities or products, it comes down to us to develop that curiosity. By developing this sense of curiosity we lead potential customers to our business or brand and what we are providing.

How is this curiosity developed in the first place? A good starting point comes in playing your cards close to your chest instead of giving away all the answers right away. By posting about the benefits or advantages that you are offering instead of the overall way of achieving them, people are more likely to develop interest and engage your posts.

How Your Business Can Reap the Social Media Benefits Today!

Dealing with the day to day necessities of your business, you may not have the time to incorporate a social media presence for your brand. At Real Time Outsource, we can help you plan and strategize the best approach to your social media and help you implement these tactics successfully to boost engagement and strength your bottom line. Contact us today to learn a multitude of ways to boost and drive sales from your digital presence or social profiles!