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#167 - RC Peck gets real about Fearless Wealth

RC Peck is a certified Financial Planner (CFP), a Registered Investment Advisor and a Master NLP practitioner. RC Peck is also the author of Fearless Wealth, Simple Steps to Growing and Harvesting Money. RC Peck is the founder of Fearless Wealth, a San Francisco-based investment education company that delivers unique workshops, training and presentations to the public and companies worldwide. His passion is giving people the facts, the tools and the specific steps necessary to become self-sufficient at managing and understanding their money. However, RC's approach is not what one might expect. He starts where people look last - at themselves. He believes that growing one's money has to start with one's behaviors about money.

Born in Cincinnati, he started trading his own account when he was 15 years old. Since then he's traded commodities in New York City; designed an investment method that protects and grows money more efficiently than Wall Street; and has interviewed hundreds of traders, investors and millionaires on four continents for one purpose - to find out what works. Based on his ten years of financial research, RC published Fearless Wealth Simple Steps to Grow and Harvest Your Money and founded Fearless Wealth Workshops in 1997. You can find RC's work on his website at FearlessWealth.com.



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People Mentioned

Warren Buffett – https://twitter.com/warrenbuffett

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Fearless Wealth by Ron Peck: https://amzn.to/2Wrk4MY

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie: https://amzn.to/2X2cDQz

“Connect with your money.” @fearlesswealth #BeRealShow

  1. “The keeping it and growing it is very different than the getting it.” @fearlesswealth #BeRealShow

  2. “We’re all investors first before earners.” @fearlesswealth #BeRealShow

  3. “Most people are in cash because they don’t understand how the markets work.” @fearlesswealth #BeRealShow

  4. “You have to buy companies that are going up in price.” @fearlesswealth #BeRealShow

  5. “They have to be able to see what they are buying.” @fearlesswealth #BeRealShow

  6. “Most of the pain that people feel in their lives is not from whether they choose @RobinHoodApp or @CharlesSchwab.” @fearlesswealth #BeRealShow