Jonathan Soares

#162 - Jonathan Soares gets real about disciplined approaches to open source technologies

Jonathan Soares is the Founder & CEO at Agency Labs. Founded in 2011, the firm is a trusted engineering partner to leading digital, creative and advertising agency teams. Since inception, the Agency Labs’ team has built more than 400 websites, mobile applications, and custom software solutions for some of the world’s most innovative organizations. The foundation of Agency Labs’ business stems from a disciplined approach to open source technologies, technical advisory, quality development, thorough testing, and constant collaboration.

Prior to Agency Labs, Jonathan was the Founder & CEO of Q Products, a natural foods company founded in 2005, from his college dorm room. He created the “Jonathan’s Q” brand of BBQ Sauces, Marinades, and Salad Dressings which he launched nationally into more than 15,000 supermarket, club stores and mass merchandiser locations across the US.



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