David Hirschfeld

#172 - David Hirschfeld gets REAL about building your next software

David Hirschfeld founded Tekyz, Inc., a software design & development firm focused on Web 2.0 and mobile app development. He has helped design, plan, manage and implement projects for a broad range of business and social sectors including e-commerce, sales lead management, medical systems, internet auctions, real estate, logistics and inventory management, social networking, mobile gaming platforms, and many others. David partnered with Anzu, originally a Tekyz customer, to set up a wholly-owned offshore development subsidiary which today employs close to 40 people. Anzu is quickly climbing into a leadership position for medical education and patient record exchange. As one of the founders of Anzu, David sits on their board and continues to act as Anzu’s Chief Technology Officer.

In this episode of the Be Real Show, David and Travis open up the show discussing what drove David to create his business, Tekyz. David has been in the software industry for over 30 years, sold his first company in 2000, and currently is a partnered with Anzu.  David describes the types of customers he assists, including Broadway musicals to FBI wiretaps. Then, David explains the difference between minimum viable products and a version one. An MVP should be used to figure out how the market will respond to your product, not to profit from the product. Later, David reveals his morning routine - the past few weeks he was prepping for a keynote hour-long speech. He likes public speaking because it validates that people want to hear about what he says. His most recent lecture was about the consequences of disruptive technologies. Stay tuned to hear David disclose his favorite stocks to invest in and why you may need to automate your workflow.


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Email – David@tekyz.com


Resources Mentioned

Tekyz - https://www.tekyz.com

Anzu - www.anzumedical.com

Stage Write - https://www.stagewritesoftware.com

Zoom - https://zoom.us


People Mentioned

Warren Buffett - @WarrenBuffett

Bill Gates - @BillGates

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - @RepAOC

Elon Musk - @ElonMusk

Tim Cook - @Tim_Cook