#175 - Joanne Funch gets Real about LinkedIn for Professionals

JoAnne Funch is a marketing consultant and digital marketing strategist. She helps business owners take the mystery out of marketing their business. JoAnne often use the analogy that “Marketing is like a recipe you cook, it doesn’t work without the right ingredients.” JoAnne comes from a family of small business owners, and one day JoAnne thought she could do something better than the company she worked for, so JoAnne ventured out into her own business and have been in marketing and sales since 1996.

 In this episode of the Be Real Show, JoAnne and Travis open up the show discussing why JoAnne focuses on LinkedIn for business owners and individuals. At first, JoAnne would use LinkedIn to reach out to people and gain business; she quickly built a network and gained meaningful relationships.  JoAnne says it is all about the profile; the first impression has gone digital. LinkedIn is the number one social platform for business and personal branding. Your profile needs to be attractive to the types of people you are looking to serve and connect with. Once your profile is built, JoAnne says you need to know why you are there. Is it for building brand awareness, a network, or prospecting? Next, make sure you are sending personalized notes when connecting with others on LinkedIn. The more personal you can get, the better; pull things from their profile to mention in your message. Stay tuned to hear JoAnne answer the top ten questions!


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7 ways to transform your LinkedIn network


Resources Mentioned

Rev - https://www.rev.com


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Gary Vaynerchuk - @garyvee

Oprah Winfrey - @oprah

John Jantsch - @ducttape

Jeff Bezos - @jeffbezos



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