Social Media Advertising

21st Century Advertising Is On Social Media


While signs of advertising are detected in ancient eras, its biggest boom came around the mid-19th century in capitalist economies, through the use of newspapers and magazines. Radio and television commercials during the 20th century increased the saturation of ads, covering every bit of blank space possible with marketing campaigns. The 21st century is no exception to the evolution of commerce. Social media is now the leading platform for advertising. If you're business is still focusing on traditional forms of marketing, your campaign is officially outdated. 


Consumers have become more resistant.

Like an insect whose evolution made them a superbug, immune to repellent, people have become progressively resistant to traditional forms of advertising. The overload of exposure has resulted in consumers seeing right through marketing strategies. People don't want to feel like they're being sold to, which means companies need to get creative.


Social media provides powerful opportunities for new campaigns.

While print and commercial ads are limited in time, space, and money, social media platforms can break through these barriers. Strategies can include:

  • User Generated Content – users promoting the brand, so the brand doesn't have to, generating word-of-mouth reliability.

  • Trust and Transparency – gaining loyalty of consumers by being open and honest about who you are, and what you provide.

  • Artificial Intelligence – tools such as chatbots, a conversational interface that uses text forms to communicate to your following.


Social media advertising is imperative for every brand.

Business marketing needs to grow at the same rate of technology to acquire and maintain the interest of their target market. Results show the rapid growth of social media advertising, confirming the continual evolution of marketing over the past couple centuries. Using social media platforms to advertise your business will produce a wider reach, save money, establish 24/7 customer service, and keep your marketing fresh and up-to-date. 

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Social Media Advertising - Don't Be Blind


Digital marketing strategies offer brands the ability to create, monitor, and modify campaigns with the greatest of ease, but many still doubt the effectiveness of a true digital strategy. It should be said that a full spectrum approach utilizing all available ad platforms will yield the most positive results, and if you want to succeed within the digital landscape, social media marketing needs to play a part in your success. The truth is, social media advertising is about much more than simply creating some ads, you need to understand the importance of trust and leadership before embarking on a social selling journey. Read on...

Follow The Leader

Building trust and establishing yourself as a leader within your brand's niche is first and foremost the most important piece of the social puzzle. Your company needs to offer value to its audience. You'll need to create high quality content that is engaging and relevant, and you need to have eyes on your social presence before you consider launching a well structured paid advertising campaign.

Gaining followers within communities on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn requires dedication and hard work. Knowing your audience and providing them with tangible proof for why they should pay attention to your brand is a must. When you are aware of your own image within social platforms, you will be able to more effectively create campaigns that work.

The Tools

The analytic tools available to marketing professionals within digital platforms are robust, and can provide insight into a campaigns effectiveness, while also allowing for the creation of several tactics that can help you acquire followers, leads, sales, and additional traffic to any of your digital properties. Working with people who understand the marketing tools available well is a no brainer.

Understanding demographic data, key performance indicators, and campaign testing results are all necessary skills that will be utilized within any successful social media advertising campaign; don't allow yourself to be blind to the big picture, there's a lot to look at.

Go For It

Moving forward with your social strategy is important, and we're here to help. Hopefully, you'll consider the topics we've covered and contact us as soon as you are ready to see success.

Three Tips For Strategic Social Media Advertising

The use of fresh and informative content is an approach that most entrepreneurs use to capture target clients online. Unfortunately, this strategy may not help businesses achieve much at the moment. That explains the reason for the current shift towards social media advertising. Also, visibility is a critical requirement for successful online marketing, and that makes social media a viable option.

As a result, the investment cost of social media advertising is rising gradually, and you may not see the results immediately. For that reason, you need a strategic plan to achieve success through social media and here are some of the tips you can use.

Establish Your Objectives Opting to use social media advertisements without an idea of what you wish to achieve in the end is a waste of both time and money. Therefore, it is important to set specific goals before you embark on the campaign. That will help focus on the intended purpose of this marketing approach even as you monitor your progress over time.

Also, you do not need to be an expert in social media advertising. However, you have to get your priorities right. The reason is that your business has unique objectives, which you should capture to succeed. So, establish clear goals before embarking on the campaign.

Select The Social Platform Carefully There are several social media platforms to choose from, and you need to understand that each of them has multiple advantages over the other. Hence, the platform you opt for should be in line with the reasons for promoting your campaigns there.

Some of the aspects to consider are the frequency of target audience engagements on the social site, the demographics of the channel in comparison to your brand, the format of your advertisement and how it suits the platform, among others.

Blend Organic Content Seamlessly Most social media users are not willing to engage with brands that send them promotional content from time to time. On the other hand, your social media advertisements should not focus on capturing the attention of target clients and drive them to make immediate decisions every time.