How to get started Promoting Your Brand With Social Media Influencers


You've almost checked off all of the items on your list. You have a product, you've tested it and it's ready to go. You have just one more mountain to climb. How do you get your name out there? Social media influencers can be an amazing resource to promote your brand.


When reaching out to influencers, you want to do your research. Get to known them and what they are interested in. If you are trying to push a tech product, a beauty influencer probably isn't going to provide what you are looking for. Once you've found your target audience, check their stats. How many followers do they have? Is there much communication between the influencer and their fans? The ideal candidate would be focused on building relationships with their audience as well. Look at some of their posts and read the comments. If they are actively having positive conversations with their followers, that's a good sign. Their audience needs to like their content, but they need to trust the influencer as well.


Now that you have your list of influencers to approach, decide what you are going to offer them. Are you going to offer them money in return for posting about your product? You can pay an influencer to write a post about your product, ask their followers to go like and follow your brand and even share upcoming launches and promotions. This could potentially get you a lot of views. Another approach would be to offer them free products. In addition to just saying nice things about your brand, they can also test it and post about their experience. The benefit to this approach is that if the influencer tries and likes your product, their followers are likely to want it for themselves.


It's important to build and maintain a good relationship with your influencers. If you are launching a new product, let them know. Ask them to follow you on social media and share their posts that are relevant to you. The purpose of finding these influencers is to build a lasting, working relationship. You aren't looking for just one post from them. Host a promotion or giveaway on your brand's social media account and ask your influencers to share the event. Your ultimate goal is for the influencer to be excited about your relationship. The way that they feel about you and your brand will be conveyed in what they post.


Regardless if your product has just launched or if you have been selling it for years, social media influencers have the potential to bring a wealth of new clients to your brand. Don't hesitate to contact us today to find out more ways to grow your business.