Influencer Campaigns

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The RealTime Outsource Social Media Ambassador Program was designed to help your business engage your target markets, generating a residual level of interaction that will increase exposure, leads and in turn, profit for your business. Our social media manager will work with your staff to create, implement and maintain effective social media marketing campaigns that will help to strengthen your online presence and increase your fan base consistently. Our goal is to teach your staff members how to implement effective tactics and habits into their daily routine while we handle the optimization and national campaigns for you.

Together, this helps to educate your staff on the importance of social media marketing without delaying in the successful campaign results. Since this type of marketing can become quite time consuming, your staff will be free to handle their daily responsibilities, knowing that RealTime Social Ambassadors are maintaining the campaigns – however, they will also be learning how to be self-sufficient in the interim.

When it comes to a strong online reputation, there is no escaping the power of social media. In fact, for many different reasons, social media marketing has become one of the most effective forms of online marketing for any size business. RealTime Outsource has worked diligently to ensure that we are able to help any business, is any industry - corner their competition and target markets consistently through social media marketing. Let our Ambassador Program help you create the same results for your company.

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