How To Create A Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2018

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Today, most millennials interact with various brands on social media at least once a month, and that is why many businesses have a presence on different social platforms. Your presence on social media is a step in the right direction, but it will take more than that to succeed in 2018. Going an extra mile to invest in effective social media marketing strategies and focusing on engagement are some of the aspects you will need to consider adopting.

Failure to invest in the right marketing strategy may cause your business to lose valuable clients. Here are three steps to creating a winning social media marketing strategy for this year.


How to Accurately Measure Facebook VR Ad Engagements

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The rapidly growing consumer interest in virtual reality makes it critical for forward-thinking marketers to seriously consider the technology today. According to Statista, the year 2018 should see the number of virtual reality users exceed 170 million globally. However, the failure to track VR performance using proper analytics may mean that brands incorporating the technology in their social media marketing campaigns are engaging in a wild goose chase, wasting their effort, time, and budget.

So, if you're using Facebook 360 to give your audience an immersive, interactive VR experience, it's imperative that you assess whether you're achieving your marketing objectives. Here are critical ways and tools you may use to track and evaluate your VR marketing efforts:


Take Advantage of the New Facebook Algorithms

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In spite of recent announcements regarding Facebook algorithm changes and security concerns, your business pages, and social media content can experience tremendous profits right now.

The new modifications in social media ads mean your potential consumers and followers will see more relevant ads, placing you in the front of their news feeds.

There are strategies that may help ease these Facebook transitions, allowing your business to continue in the benefit of a successful social media presence.


Three Tips For Strategic Social Media Advertising

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The use of fresh and informative content is an approach that most entrepreneurs use to capture target clients online. Unfortunately, this strategy may not help businesses achieve much at the moment. That explains the reason for the current shift towards social media advertising. Also, visibility is a critical requirement for successful online marketing, and that makes social media a viable option.

As a result, the investment cost of social media advertising is rising gradually, and you may not see the results immediately. For that reason, you need a strategic plan to achieve success through social media and here are some of the tips you can use.


3 Reasons To Start Using Instagram More Serious

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Creating a digital strategy that aims to successfully market your business via social media tends to be incredibly challenging. Not only is it difficult to ascertain what kind of content is needed, and what frequency but it can also be frustrating to understand what platform to put all of that content on?

One of the biggest players in social media marketing is Instagram, but it seems like small businesses are increasingly reticent to adopt it as a main social media platform, eschewing it for more traditional venues such as Facebook.

However, Instagram provides businesses with incredible marketing value - here are a few reasons why you should incorporating Instagram more into digital strategies:

1) Better data than Facebook

Forbes recently titled Instagram as social media's "rising star" for business, and for good reason. The user engagement on Instagram is far better and provides a real way to connect with users overall.

Plus, it provides far more granular data insights than Facebook, which can really help clarify overall digital strategies to ensure they are on target.

2) Allows for more creativity

Arguably a more creative outlet, Instagram really allows for businesses and users to connect on a more creative level, and really demonstrate what makes a business unique. Twitter and Facebook can often be too reliant on text, which might lose a user faster.

Instead, think of Instagram as one more facet of your business where you can not only highlight what makes it unique but also give users a sneak peek on who is involved in the backend of the business to make it more interactive.

3) Targeted advertising is much more intuitive

Targeted advertising, or rather, sponsored content on Instagram tend to have a much better reach than oversaturated platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. By using the right combination of text to couple with the image, you can create amazing sponsored content.

This will likely see better user engagement since Instagram's advertising tools is a bit more intuitive. That, combined with the analytics Instagram provides, makes it an incredibly lucrative investment in terms of marketing. 

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